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Øyvind Moe



1: 25.

2: Video games, procrastination, band, sleeping, pizza, Marlboro, soda, beer, Buffy.


-I'm a band geek. My CD collection has more band CDs in it than pop/rock CDs. I've been in band for the past 13 years or so, and I totally love it.

-I also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've seen every single episode, including the pilot, but unfortunately not the movie, which kind of bugs me. I once watched an entire season (I think it was #5) in one sitting. Nothing has made me cry as often as this show, and I'm talking big fat streaks down my cheeks, not just a little moisture in the corners of my eyes.

-Another thing that makes me cry, is the ending to Final Fantasy VIII, specifically the part with Laguna and Raine. I don't know why, but it breaks me every time I see it.

-Speaking of video games, I own around 250 of them, across nine platforms. Yes, I have eight consoles and a PC. Check out my collection.

-I spend much of my time reading about video games, on the net or in printed magazines.

-I also like to read fantasy novels, but I hardly ever buy any new ones, so I pretty much end up reading the ones i do have over and over again. To exemplify, I'm currently on my third read-through of The Wheel of Time.

-Same thing applies to some video games. I have so many games that I've hardly ever tried, let alone finished, but I still find myself playing a few games over and over again. The worst culprit must be Super Metroid, I've probably finished that 10-15 times. My best result is a clear time of 1:59 with 99% items, but I'm still not happy. Also, Super Mario 64 is a recurring favorite.

I could probably go on and on, if only I weren't so lazy.

Now for the pictures. These first two are probably more goofy than plain ugly:

This, however, must surely qualify (early morning on a band trip to France):

Oh, and 4: Basically through paula_kelley. One of my select few LJ friends is a member of lucasarts, and so is she, so eventually I found my way here.

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