amdb (dance_to_this) wrote in uglymathfreaks,

Yep. My name is Alex.

1. I am sixteen years old.
2. I like to write newspaper articles, do debate (my preference is Model OAS and other international organizations such as the UN or Arab League), and I play the drums.
3. I am uncool, because I tend to obsess about some people named Shira Pilarski and my obsession has gotten pretty rampant with S. Pilarski. No that's too obvious. I'll just say Shira P.

One of my favorite pictures of myself.

Also, my brother and I have an unhealthy love for Devo, their albums, their DVD, and Boogie Boy. My first piece of fan mail to anyone ever was to Mark Mothersbaugh, and I do own an energy dome, but my brother took it to college. In 8th grade for a month or so, I used to have candlelit vigils for a boy I liked, and I'd make out with a picture of him to S Club 7 with about 10 candles lit. I did that again for a girl in my sophomore year until I got caught. And, of course I'm in math league at school, I mean, who isn't? I'm also a militant grammar-Nazi, and will inflict pain upon anyone who uses the term "chillax" seriously. Oh I almost forgot, I once changed the words to LFO's "Girl on TV" to fit my situation with the aforementioned boy.

He's from the city of Rockville,
Like Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us, and Staples.
Never know what he means to me.
I fell for the boy that's named Joe T.

4. I heard about this community through my sexual quarry for so many months paula_kelley.
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