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one: i am sixteen years old.

two: stuff i like include..

- reading books
- ranch dressing on my chicken nuggets
- editing essays for people
- titrations (even though i hate chemistry)
- pretentious literature
- typing really fast and people being kind of impressed
- heartfelt apologies
- going to anime conventions and taking pictures with dressed up people
- the metro/public transportation
- putting too much sugar in my cups of tea
- british slang
- the show "buffy the vampire slayer"
- clever wordplay
- pretending not to like having my picture taken, even though i really do.
- being ½ of an interracial couple
- interracial dating in general

three: things that make me uncool are as follows..

- i'm applying to this community instead of doing this essay on the canterbury tales. it was due last thursday.
- i've known about this community for awhile, but didn't apply because i was hesitant.. since i secretly hating math..
- i alienate people because i feel guilty about not talking to them as much as i want to.
- i really like country music. a lot.
- i think of my dog as my sister. we hang out a lot.
- my pearly whites aren't very straight; i rejected my retainer and my teeth got revenge.
- i'm asian, but i forget all the time. when people refer to me as a minority, i get confused.
- i sweat a lot, and this causes me to smell.

four: i found out about this community because jendotcom is the maintainer of goucherian and she is also in this community. i'm thinking about applying to goucher, and since i stalk random people, i found this community on her userinfo.. not to mention that dance_to_this is a member, and i think she's really hot so i kind of stalk her, too.

get yo' woman on the floor: you mo-fuckahs asked for it..

this is me trying to "avoid" having my picture taken. it didn't work.

this is me with a donkey in ireland.

this is me being unable to deny my japanese heritage.

gotta gotta get up to get down: thank you for reading this.
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