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what makes me even uncooler is that i edited this like five times.

im the blonde one. notice how each picture gets incrementally uglier and uglier

1. i am 16 years old. 17 in december.
2. some things i like:

- the internet
- journalism class
- reading
- genitalia
- joking about anal
- potato salad
- walking around alone without pants
- watching tv
- making fun of people
- candy and baking cookies
- kurt vonnegut

3. why i am uncool

- for fun, my friend and i spend hours singing grease karaoke in my basement.
- i am addicted to alias.
- i never use punctuation and most of my spelling mistakes are typing mistakes. i
hate it when people misspell.
- my best friend and i made these capes and sports bra type things out of unused tie dyed granny panties and whenever we are at each others house, we wear them.
- not only am i not thin, i went to fat camp for five summers.
- not only have i gone to fat camp, but i have never kept my weight off.
- i really like james spader. a lot... a lot.
- i watch reality television
- i dont have a high gpa
- im not straightedge or part of any scene. (which... in some cases is very uncool.)
- i dont know how to upload pictures so im attaching a website with pictures from september... in which my friend and i are wearing the infamous capes.
- i was in a band but the band broke up because i was awful and the other members didnt want to hurt my feelings.
- im very paranoid.
- im in forensics and love it and won an award in counties for ensemble and i wrote an informative speech that is going to country finals this year.
- i talk to myself... a lot.
- i say sorry to inanimate objects
- i like really offensive jokes.... a lot. oh and im not pc... i think thats in.
- i am offended by your various hypocrisies but not my own.

4. oh i found this through shira, anne, and jens gurnals.
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