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puedo uni, por favor?

I. i am fifteen years of age

II. i like music and looking through livejournals

III. i play word games on the internet, my best friend is my five year old little brother whom i share clothing with, i've worn my little brother's yu-gi-oh shirt to school before, i love spanish class, i speak spanish whether im in the class or not, i was kicked out of student council, i like doing my friends math homework, i like doing all types of math in general, im the only student who checks out books from our library

IV. magic
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i'm going to need a little more proof of ugliness and geekiness before i can vote.
to me, getting kicked out of student council is just evidence your annoying.
your geekiness is enough, but I want pictures!
reapply with pictures.
either reapply with pictures or I'm kicking you out.